Our Story

Marbaii Collective is the ultimate destination for all about gypsy travel, conscious fashion and slow life. A ride through beautiful, original and curated, stories of travel, people and wellbeing.

Our purpose is to inspire you to embark on the journey you’ve always wanted to do, to discover more about soulful (ethical & artisanal) fashion, to celebrate authenticity and, eventually, become a home for all nomadic spirits.

What does ‘marbaii‘ mean? //

I knew you would ask me this! And I hope to not deceive you if I say ‘marbaii’ means… nothing. Ok, wait, it kinda does. In my mother tongue, ‘mar’ means ‘sea’ and ‘baii’ is a [visionary] way of spelling ‘bay’.

‘Marbaii’ is that place close to the ocean – mind me, I’m Scorpio [water sign] – where summer is infinite, the wind is exotic, and it smells palm trees… but it also wants to be that feeling that lives and grows within us when we travel to that place we long for, and what we become. So yes, you can always have that feeling, so relax… no need to jump on a plane or hit the road [just yet]. Marbaii is within you.


Angels Founder of Marbaii CollectiveThe Founder //

Hi there, I’m Angels. Yes, that’s a real name – not an uncommon one in a little beautiful corner of the universe called Catalonia, where I was born. And, although I’ve always called myself a nomad, I’m currently living in paradise… also known as Byron Bay (Australia). In 2014 I moved to Australia and it changed my life. I (re)discovered my passion for fashion, new ways of looking at life and the environment, avocado, Spell & The Gypsy Collective, Pana Chocolate (haven’t look at cacao the same way since then)… And my soul set on fire – my mission in life completely shaken (for good!).

I have travelled to approximately 30 countries (thanks mum!) and in 2017 I started a fashion label, marbaii. Still learning the ropes of running a fashion business, but it’s a brave step for someone who was always a (stationary-obsessed) planner and decided for once to take the plunge without being an expert in the field.

So, here and now, I’m weaving together these two loves (travel + fashion) into a very special recipe that I’ve decided to call Marbaii Collective. One of the greatest things I’ve stolen from my experience in Australia (and especially in Byron Bay) is a profound respect for the environment and a mindful, holistic way of living life. This has awakened my passion to all related to ethical fashion, the care for the environment and the love for a connected life. And consequently I’m now more aware of how my decisions and actions impact other people and places. I’m still on a learning journey, so I’d love to invite you to join me in this expedition.

And travelling… what can I say? I believe that here’s nothing that opens more our mind and makes us feel more alive and connected to our authentic selves. To new worlds, cultures, landscapes, peoples. It gives us that pinch of confidence to believe that anything is possible, so we even end up thinking that chasing our dreams is possible – reeeally??

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