Why I Created Marbaii Collective

First there was Marbaii. And then, Marbaii Collective. Or this is what it may look like at first sight. But the truth is that the seed was planted way before that. Let’s make this story short. From the start, Marbaii was always thought to be

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A Summer by the Mediterranean

Since I was a child I spend few days or weeks of summer in the Mediterranean, in the beautiful Costa Brava. Who doesn’t hold childhood memories toes deep into the sand? And let’s not forget daily ice-creams (read Almond Magnum), long days and nights and sunkissed skin (or sunpecked

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African Love

I knew I liked animals. I mean, who doesn’t? But I didn’t know up to what extend until I travelled to South Africa. Seeing the animals in the savanna was just overwhelming and tremendously inspiring. Spying on their lives, how they walked, how they related with their comrades… It

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