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Our homemade label. Marbaii is a rustic bohemian lifestyle brand born in the Mediterranean, but inspired through the love for travelling.

Launched in 2017, it brings you an eclectic collection of bohemian-inspired pieces, created and sourced in exotic locations and touched by the magic of talented artisans.

Be ready. This is a call to all souls bitten by the travel bug. The ones who know that the journeys we have taken to those memorable locations, and the people we have met have inspired us to connect, not only with other souls, but also with ourselves. We want to inspire and empower you to embody your adventurous spirit, embrace your beauty and love yourself.

Marbaii is not only a brand, but a label with a “Made in love” philosophy, based upon community, sustainability and empowerment. Collections are inspired by cultural heritage and handmade by local artisans, honouring a genuine commitment to positively impact these local communities. We are committed to ethical trade principles and following practices that respect the environment.

Marbaii is a rustic bohemian lifestyle brand born in the Mediterranean, but inspired through the love for travelling. Click on the image to discover the shop!



The following values are part of Marbaii’s DNA. We cannot conceive our existence without a commitment to ethical trade, social and environmentally friendly practices, as well as a culture of respect, love and empowerment.

It is hard for small new labels to succeed in the fashion arena, as the costs of ensuring fair and sustainable practices add to the cost of production, which ends up increasing the final retail price. However, fashion is one of the most polluting and unregulated industries in the world, and we cannot close our eyes and our hearts to this reality.

It is exciting to experience how the environment is changing and fashion labels are implementing more responsible and ethically conscious practices. At Marbaii, we would like to join this commitment to love and care for the world we live in.

We want to be honest and transparent with our process. Below are some of the practices that have already been implemented. However, this is an ongoing process and we are always looking for areas to improve and find new ways of honoring this mission.


Ethics //

We strive to work with suppliers who share the same values, as we believe in creating a more personal connection with the people we work with.

Currently, all the production of our clothing is carried out in a family-run factory in Bali, Indonesia, who have signed a Code of Practice, a promise to cover the expectations that we have from a work environment (if you wish to see the agreement, please don’t hesitate to email us). We have also spent time with them, ensuring that the workers are happy and the environment where they work is safe. Do you want to know some interesting facts about the factory?

  • Once a year, the owner of the factory organises an event for all the workers. Last year, they went on a camping trip for a whole weekend.
  • Women who have given birth are given the opportunity to work from home, which allows them to maintain their income while taking care of their newborn.
  • In Indonesia, religious ceremonies are (literally) sacred. And numerous. They sometimes can delay the production time of garments, given that half of the staff may be in a religious gathering for days. We respect and embrace their spiritually (while trying to play around it timing wise!).


Sustainability //

Two thirds of the clothes bought in Australia are made of synthetic fibers, which are derived from petroleum. However, our collections are mainly made from rayon and cotton. These fibers are natural, derived from plants (cotton) and the cellulose of the trees (rayon), making them biodegradable.

Our hang tags, brand labels and packaging are all made from recycled materials, either cardboard or canvas. In terms of packaging, we try to use the smallest quantity of disposable material as possible. In short, why would we want to contribute to filling the garbage bin?

The dry cleaning process uses toxic substances. For that reason, we don’t recommend dry cleaning Marbaii’s garments. Instead, we suggest that you use plant based detergents and short cycles, cold water only.


#SlowLivingFashion //

Do you know what fast fashion is? If not, you may have heard of fast food, and there’s little good in it! Many global brands have sped up the process of making affordable clothing available to us, which looks positive upon a first look. However, the social and environmental consequences of this behavior are catastrophic, often leading to two main problems: an excessive use of cheaper, synthetic fabrics, which contributes highly to pollution, and poor working conditions for the makers, so brands can keep costs inhumanely down in order to sell the clothes at a low cost. Being able to access cheap, new clothes every week is also driving us to excessive purchasing of clothing that is discarded only after few times of wearing it.

As customers, we have a choice. And at Marbaii, as a fashion brand, we have a responsibility. We have coined the expression ‘#SlowLivingFashion’- taking the values of quality clothing, ethical trade and environmental responsibility, and adding the excitement of fresh styles and regular updates in our collections. We will keep you in the loop as to how this is taking shape!


#marbaiimoments //

For us, Marbaii is a lifestyle brand that goes beyond fashion. Our mission is to empower women on both sides of the arena: not only our makers, by providing them a stable income to support their families and give them independence, but also you- our new member of the marbaii family. We want to inspire you to follow your dreams with a brave heart, and search creativity. We want you to travel, to discover new places and connect with new lands, cultures and with yourself. We want you to feel that you are part of a tribe of adventurers. No matter where you are, these are our #marbaiimoments.


The future //

Some of our next intentions are:

  • Packing our production and garments in biodegradable bags.
  • Using plant dyes to colour our fabrics.
  • Reducing our fabric waste in partnership with our manufacturer. We are considering ways of recycling or donating the fabric that can’t be used to create a new garment.
  • Partnering with social initiatives that share our values.


Our mission has just started. We promise to keep on learning and finding ways to incorporate more responsible avenues of doing what we do.



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